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Thanks for reading the blog! I keep it updated regularly with computer tips and tricks, links to cool and free tools, and other tech-related things.

I’ll also describe some of the computer repair and tech support jobs I take care of in and around the Cordova, Alaska area.

Wireless Network Installation | Cordova, AK Wifi Setup

Today's client had a laptop purchased for her by her family for Christmas. She was excited to get started with it, but realized that her home lacked WiFi. Although the client had a desktop computer that was wired directly to a Charter cable modem, she did not have a...

iOS 6 Guided Access Tutorial [VIDEO]

The previously mentioned parent-friendly tool called Guided Access is now here! Guided Access locks an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to a single app and can restrict touch access to certain areas of the device's screen. This two-minute video will tell you everything you...