Today’s client had a laptop purchased for her by her family for Christmas. She was excited to get started with it, but realized that her home lacked WiFi. Although the client had a desktop computer that was wired directly to a Charter cable modem, she did not have a wireless router.

I was able to seamlessly integrate a Linksys router (Linksys WRT54GS V7) into her home network, providing wireless coverage throughout the home. The client is now able to use her laptop away from her desk for connecting with friends and family on Facebook, and for playing games.

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Choosing this service will help you.


  • Increase security. I will ensure that your networking equipment is configured properly to ensure that only you are able to access your devices, data, and traffic.
  • Improve coverage. Trying to use a weak WiFi signal is frustrating. If your coverage is not what you need it to be, I can create a custom solution that will solve your problems. Depending on the problem, the equipment you already own, and the size of the area you’re trying to cover, the solution could be as simple as relocating your wireless router. I can also assist with installing and configuring WiFi range extenders when extra power needed.
  • Stress less. As a tech guy myself, I actually enjoy tweaking settings, configuring equipment, and customizing things. If you’re not like me, you likely just want your tech to “just work!” I’ll take care of the setup, and you’ll be thrilled with the fact that your equipment does exactly what you wanted it to do when you bought it in the first place.

If you need help setting up your wireless network in Cordova, call 429-4740 or contact Bryan today.