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Would love to know your opinion on Netflix vs. Hulu+?

Between the two, I would easily recommend Netflix, hands-down. In this case I’m referring to the instant streaming service, not necessarily DVD’s, although the DVD service is a good value as far as I’m concerned.

The Hulu Plus catalog leaves a LOT to be desired, especially when you consider that you can access most of the content on Hulu for free. You cannot watch free Hulu from a phone or tablet or game console, only a computer. Hulu Plus lifts that restriction.

Hulu Plus also allows you early access to some shows. For example, when watching Hulu for free, episodes of shows may be delayed (1 day or 8 days after air is common). Hulu Plus subscribers will often (but not always) have access to the most recent episode of a show as soon as it’s aired on TV.

With free Hulu, the number of episodes available for a particular show is usually limited. It’s not uncommon for only one, three, or five most recent episodes to be available for a given show. Hulu Plus usually (but not always) allows you to access all episodes of a show from the beginning.

Those looking to watch movies will be disappointed by the Hulu Plus selection. It’s extremely limited.

One of the worst things about Hulu Plus is that even though you’re paying for the service, you still have to watch stinking ads. I am a fan of Hulu itself, and although I use the service several times each week, I’ve never needed to pay for any of the “perks” offered by Hulu Plus.

The Netflix Instant catalog is massive and constantly growing. It features a healthy mix of movies and TV shows. There are no commercial breaks. Mobile devices and game consoles are supported, along with (of course) computers.

While it is true that you’ll rarely find brand-new content on Netflix (like last’s weeks episode of your favorite current show), the available catalog of TV shows is very robust. It’s common to find entire series available up to last year’s season.

You can check out the selection without an account by visiting this link: https://signup.netflix.com/BrowseSelection

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Bryan Mills
CDV Tech Guy