The completed installation of a ceiling-mounted WiFi Access Point.Today I completed a project at a national store located in Kingsport, TN’s Fort Henry Mall.  The store will soon be distributing portable tablet devices to employees for use on the sales floor. These devices require a secure and reliable Internet connection.

I was tasked with installation of the wireless access point. This included:

  • Performing a site survey to determine the best installation location for the access point.
  • Installing a Power-Over-Ethernet injector to power the access point.
  • Running approximately 120′ of Cat 5e Ethernet cable from the VPN netgate to the chosen installation location, above drop ceiling tiles.
  • Securing a moutning bracket to a drop ceiling tile, then securing the access point to the bracket.
  • Hiding all cabling from view, resulting in a visually pleasing installation.

If you are looking to improve or extend the networking in your home or business, please give me a call in Cordova, AK at 429-4740 or use the Contact Bryan page.

Bryan Mills
CDV Tech Guy