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I’ll also describe some of the computer repair and tech support jobs I take care of in and around the Cordova, Alaska area.

Don’t pay for antivirus. Here’s why.

My customers are occasionally surprised that I recommend against third-party antivirus solutions for their Windows PC's. In my experience, antivirus solutions from the likes of Symantec/Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast, and others are no longer necessary for home...

Automatically delete files from a folder on a regular schedule

I find that I regularly download files for one-time use, and I notice that my download folder can add up quickly. I decided to put these files into a folder that is automatically cleaned. In this folder, which I’ve very descriptively labeled ‘CONTENTS DELETED AFTER 30 DAYS,” any file that is more than 30 days old is deleted automatically.

Here’s how I did it.

Download Office Using Only A Product Key

If you’ve purchased software any time in the last several years, you may have noticed that physical installation media is a thing of the past. No longer can you rely on getting a box of data disks at the local computer or big box store to install your software. In fact, these days even if you see a box on the shelf for a program, you’re likely to come home and find out the only thing inside the box is a slip of paper with a download code.

If you need to download Microsoft Office, read this post!

Useful Utility for Backing Up and Restoring Drivers

Occasionally when I work on a customer's computer, I have to back up their device drivers before wiping the system and reinstalling Windows. DriverBackup is one tool that I use to accomplish this. gives a great writeup on this tool....

Quad9 DNS Entries

CDV Tech Guy recommends that you change your DNS settings for better speed, security, and privacy. Quad9 DNS is a great option that's focused on security. It can help you avoid accidentally going to a web site that is full of viruses. Additionally, Quad9 does not...