My client in Cordova, AK accidentally spilled coffee on his laptop, complete with lots of cream and sugar!

Unfortunately, the combination of liquid and sensitive electronics was not a good one. The computer would no longer turn on, and the screen stayed black when he pressed the power button. The client’s main concern was recovering data from the old system, since all of his business information was on it!

I was able to retrieve the hard drive from the old system and access the data for backup. Although the old system no longer boots (it became a playtime prop for their kiddo), all of the client’s data was recovered!

After the client bought a new system, I made a house call to restore all the data, along with installing system updates and requested applications to keep this local small business running.

Final concerns exist due to unfortunate incompatibilities with Quickbooks 2014 Pro and Windows 10 (looking at you, Intuit!), but considering the fact that there was no backup of the important business data, this one is a solid win!

unsplash-logoErik Nielsen