A family wanted to purchase a laptop for their mother/grandmother as a Christmas gift, and they reached out to CDV Tech Guy for help.

While some people enjoy the experience of setting up and configuring new equipment right out of the box, the family and I decided that having the laptop in a completely ready-to-use condition would be ideal for the Christmas morning reveal.

My job was to prepare and customize the laptop for the big day. Here are a few of the things I did with the ASUS X54C Laptop.


  • Completed initial out-of-box setup, including setting basic time zone and local settings, and creating a user account for the recipient of the laptop.
  • Removed quite a few “bloatware” programs that came pre-installed on the laptop. These included several programs that would load at startup, extending boot times and slowing the computer down constantly. Completing these uninstalls resulted in a system that was literally faster than when brand new.
  • Worked with the family to choose a custom set of applications and customizations designed to maximize ease of use for the user and meet specific needs. For example, the Google Chrome web browser was installed for speed and security, and Skype video calling was installed to keep in touch with far away relatives.
  • Performed updates on all installed software (including Windows 7 itself) to ensure the most secure versions available were present on the machine.
  • Completed customization of all installed software so the user would not be burdened with these processes, and the system would be completely ready to use right away.


After finalizing with a photograph of the entire family set as the desktop background, I returned the laptop to its original packaging and presented it to the family, ready for gifting.

Even if you’re not giving a computer as a gift, new computer setup has multiple benefits.

Speed. Removing unneeded pre-installed programs reduces usage of valuable system resources, speeding up your brand new computer.

Security. Begin computing with the confidence that the software on your machine is patched, updated, and secured against attacks.

Customization. I’ll work with you to make sure that your new computer has the software you need to work, play, and communicate just the way you want. Take advantage of my years of experience and expertise with choosing, using, and reviewing software to get the perfect solution for you.

Convenience. Don’t spend your valuable time tweaking and customizing your out-of-box computer. I’ll do it for you and you’ll be ready to go.

If you have questions about setting up a new computer, please give me a call. In Cordova, AK, call 429-4740 or use the Contact Bryan form.

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